Good Proteins and Bad Proteins

Eat small amounts of proteins frequently. It is best if you have some protein at each meal. It should not be taken once in a big portion. In fact, it is best if you eat smaller amounts (<3/4 ounces of meat, fish, foul, or eggs at a time). Most animal and vegetable sources of protein are beneficial .Choose a variety Of meat products and try to find the healthiest options available free range and organic, whenever possible. There is a concern about prom because of its similarity to humans and inability of pigs to swear that result in an accumulation of toxins that is independent of their diet. Eggs for most people are an excellent and high-quality source of protein.Eat the whole egg, the lecithin in the yolk is essential to lower blood fat and improve liver and brain function. With any protein, the way in which you prepare it is critical. The closer to raw or rare the better. Avoid frying. Grilled, broiled, steamed, soft boiled, or poached is best. There should be some consideration to having no animal protein either for breakfast or dinner to allow the body its precious enzyme resources to focus on clean-up rather than digestion. This is when thoroughly chewing your food can make a major difference.
Dr.Cabrera My specialty is internal medicine. I have graduated as phycologist and I have advanced study courses on this condition and have taken a particular interest in working to enhance the immune system and stimulating personal growth. I am also highly skilled in working with a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, pain, as well as gastrointestinal disorders.

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