While almost everybody can eat more vegetables. It is especially important for you. Eat a variety of vegetables as outlined in the chart you received, although make the green leafy type your preference.This includes spinach,chard,beet,greens,kale,broccoli,mustard greens,etc.
Sorry, chocolate is not a vegetable.
As above, the quality of your products (fresh and organic preferred ), and the method of preparation is important. Raw is preferred with lightly steamed or sautéed as your second choice for all the vegetables. Get your children to have vegetables with a dip if necessary. The goodness in the vegetable outweighs most of the negative of the dip.
Sauté only in butter or virgin olive oil. Use lettuces with rich green color, sprouts and raw nuts for salads. Iceberg lettuce is one of the least nutritious types. Don’t make salads your only choice of vegetables. Substitute nuts for croutons.
While vegetable juice does sound healthy, the act of chewing is important. Chewing activists the part of your brain that controls your appetite and prepares your GI tract for digestion by tagging the food proper enzyme response. Wheatgrass and the “green foods” products should also be mentioned. For many people who are depleted in nutrients, these seem to provide a lift. But large amounts of green foods can be irritating to your colon and should be used sparingly as well. Remember that man is not designed to be a grass eater. Trying to outsmart the maker with “superfoods” may not be ignorant but arrogant as well. 
Dr.Cabrera My specialty is internal medicine. I have graduated as phycologist and I have advanced study courses on this condition and have taken a particular interest in working to enhance the immune system and stimulating personal growth. I am also highly skilled in working with a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, pain, as well as gastrointestinal disorders.

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